Credit: NASA

Space and Sustainability

Sustainability and sustainable development have gained traction in the space sector with the rising use of space applications for the sustainable development goals, known as the Space4SDGs campaign initiated by the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs. Earth Observation (EO) has aided societies and the environment through monitoring on issues such as climate change, weather, disaster management, deforestation, agriculture, migration, water management and more. Space enabled applications can help with tele-medicine, health and well-being as well. But it is not just Earth that the space community wants to make sustainable but also the space environment as well. Today space sustainability is also important with the rise of space debris and threats from space weather and near-Earth objects (NEOs). Additionally, there is concern for the sustainability of the Moon, Mars, and other celestial bodies because of potential resource usage as well as planetary contamination. The Centre for a Spacefaring Civilization finds all of these key elements of space and sustainability (both for Earth and for space) as critical to future generations therefore we are researching what policy, law, ethical, sociological, economical and other social science concepts can be applied in order to continue to have a space enabled set of SDGs as well as a sustainable space environment.

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