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Our Publications


Thomas Cheney (2018) 'Developing and Adapting Space Law to Govern Long Term and Permanent Human Settlement of Outer Space, the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies', International Astronautical Congress, Bremen, Germany, 1-5 October.

J. Lauren Napier, Thomas Cheney and Karina Perez (2018) 'Presidents as Rational Actors: NASA and the Race to the Moon', International Astronautical Congress. Bremen, Germany, 1-5 October.

Other Work By Our Team


Thomas Cheney, ‘Not the Wild West: Space Law and Space Mining’ Astropreneurs 9 August 2018 http://astropreneurs.space/2018/08/09/not-the-wild-west-space-law-and-space-mining/

Thomas Cheney and Christopher J. Newman, ‘Managing the Resource Revolution: Space Law in the New Space Age’ in Christopher J. Newman and Richard J. Wilman, Frontiers of Space Risk: Natural Cosmic Hazards and Societal Challenges (CRC Press 2018)


Thomas Cheney ‘The Outer Space Treaty at 50: Space Commerce and the Space Law Regime’ (2017) 6 Astrosociological Insights 28 http://astrosociology.org/Library/PDF/Newsletters/ARI-Newsletter_Vol-6_Iss-1-2017.pdf


Thomas Cheney 'Spexit: The Impact for UK Space' (2017) 16 Geoconnexion 54


Thomas Cheney and Lauren Napier, ‘Policy Analysis: Air versus Space, Where do Suborbital Flights Fit Into International Regulation?’ (2015) 7 Journal of Science Policy and Governance 1 http://www.sciencepolicyjournal.org/uploads/5/4/3/4/5434385/pm3finalformatted.pdf