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Centre for Spacefaring Civilization Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales (Company No: 11084036)

Our Work

We are interested in a wide array of topics relating to human activity in outer space as well as the development of a sustainably, permanent human presence in outer space. This accords without Our Mission to further, advance and aid the legal and policy debates on those issues that need to be addressed and discussed in order to facilitate the development of humanity as a spacefaring civilization. In pursuit of this the Centre for a Spacefaring Civilization will work with governments, industry, academia, nongovernmental, intergovernmental, and international organizations, our supporters, and globally minded citizens to ensure the secure, sustainable and peaceful development of space in the interests and for the benefit of all of humanity.


We currently have two ongoing programmes, one focusing on Space Settlements, and the other looking at the issue of Accessing Space. There will be additional programmes added to our repertoire in due time as resources allow. If you would like to support one of our programmes, projects, or simply discuss our work in general, please feel free to get in touch.