About Us

Founded as a way to continue and maintain a productive and fruitful partnership formed between Thomas Cheney, Executive Director, and Lauren Napier, Director of Space Sustainability Programme, during their time as co-leads of the Space Generation Advisory Council’s Space Law and Policy Project Group. The Centre for a Spacefaring Civilization is an independent think tank and research centre focused on space law and policy, specifically those issues that need to be addressed in order for humanity to become a spacefaring civilization. We take a holistic and multidisciplinary view of the field and promote the sustainable and equitable development of space, keeping in mind the interests of all nations and peoples. We are headquartered in the United Kingdom but are virtually operated and globally focused. The Centre for a Spacefaring Civilization aims to be a credible and objective source of leadership and information on space law and policy topics. We take a global, long term, and multidisciplinary approach to these issues and seek to forge relations based on mutual respect, trust, and transparency.

Our Mission


To further, advance and aid the legal and policy debates on those issues that need to be addressed and discussed in order to facilitate the development of humanity as a spacefaring civilization. In pursuit of this the Centre for a Spacefaring Civilization will work with governments, industry, academia, nongovernmental, intergovernmental, and international organizations, our supporters, and globally minded citizens to ensure the secure, sustainable and peaceful development of space in the interests and for the benefit of all of humanity.


Our Vision

To create and promote the legal and policy developments needed in order to facilitate humanity's transformation into a spacefaring civilization

Our Team

Our team are the core of the Centre for a Spacefaring Civilization. We are proud to have a diverse team from a variety of educational and personal backgrounds. You can meet our team here.

Our Funding

We are committed to transparency, especially when it comes to our funding. You can find details of our funding here.